Diary of a Courier



X-13: Smart = Sneaky


I’m not going to say that I’m a master thief or anything.  I can stay hidden when I need to, and I mean, I did get into the Gun Runners and back out with their schematics.  Albeit by the skin of my teeth…

The researchers here in the X-13 Facility though, they were mastering the art of invisibility.  It looks like some of their schematics were reverse-engineered from the Chinese.  But, they didn’t stop with copying the design.  The worked on every inch of this suit, filling it with more tech than a Verti-Bird.  Every component of the suit is precisely engineered to work perfectly, and actually improve the user’s ability to move while remaining hidden. 

Dr. Klein called this thing a psychoanalytic cardio-dampening sneaky stealth suit.  Working with my now artificial heart, I can’t tell for sure, but this suit seems to work against your chest muscles to keep your heart pumping a steady rhythm…however, this feature, as well as all the others were not automatic.

I had to put the suit together myself.  Luckily the pieces were modular.  Slap them together, they link up.  Big surprise though.  Something I somehow missed while I was reading the research documents.  The suit has a limited integrated AI.  Much like the CIU in the Sink.  She isn’t much of conversationalist, but she does let me know the status of the suit, and my health as monitored by the suit.

To fit the suit to the user, you have to put it through its paces.  An exercise course was set up, with four different tests.

Basic - Avoiding robots.  I snuck into the Gun Runners, past live armed guards.  Robots?  Seriously?

Advanced - With the robots now disabled, the only thing in my way?  A series of easily deactivated trip lasers.  Done and done.

Expert - Proximity “mine” detectors.  Difficult, but not impossible to disable.

And last, but not least…

Robot deactivation - Three patrolling robots must be deactivated before the test completes.  Much like the first test.  Easy, with the trip lasers and detectors deactivated, of course.

Each test updated up the AI and suit firmware.  This thing makes me stealthier, it keeps your heart rate down to keep you alert, actuators in the gloves improve manual dexterity, and actuators in the legs and boots help to improve speed while sneaking.  And, on top of the that, the AI monitors your health and dispenses Med-X and Stimpaks as needed!

The brains were right about this one.  This thing is going to be helpful!

Now, if only I could do something about this AI…improve her.  Well…

Big Mountain Research Log - Day 2


Got back to the Dome late last night.  Had a series of very um…interesting…conversations with the brains.  They are, or were, the researchers here alright.  Its just so hard to believe that this place hasn’t been totally destroyed, being run by such complete fools!  I found out a bit about Elijah’s little stay here.  Seems he practically brought the whole place down around their ears…I’m not surprised.  They also mentioned a woman.  Christine?  And, another man…a courier.  The ghost…The Mojave, Zion…now he’s here.  Who is he?  Daniel said he was legion.  Klein said he talked to the man, that he asked questions about history.  But, the data had been erased, or corrupted.  If he was here, there are bound to be more answers in the crater.

Higg’s Village - Old living quarters for the Big Mt. head researchers, aka the brains.  Its a very surreal experience, knowing how human they all once were…I was prompted to head this way by 8.  He told me there were more upgrades for the Sonic Emitter here, and I found them.  I also found out that he was quite the caffeine addict.  And that O really hates Mr. House.  I feel a little sorry for Dala though…even if she is off the charts creepy.

X-12 Research Center - Found some of the Trauma Harnesses.  They work a little too well.  Also located another Sink holo, Smart Lights, but its not the personality matrix…just an upgrade.

Ulysses’ Point - His name is Ulysses.  The other courier, I mean.  I found his camp.  Holotapes of conversations he had with Christine.  She was here.  Following Elijah.  They spoke of Elijah, the Brotherhood, about loyalties and the old world.  He sought his answers with the brains, and found them.  He spoke of The Divide…old memories…nearly forgotten.  What does he want with me?

Late again.  No headway made on the location of my brain (pun intended.)  This is place is just too interesting.  And, I’m starting to think that Mobius isn’t as much of a threat as the brains seem to think.  Borous seemed surprisingly upset that I found Gabe’s bowl…it triggered memories of his old dog, before he experimented on it.  I wonder how much about this place, about their own past the Think Tank has forgotten over the centuries…

Big Mountain Research Log - first entry

01-22-2282 - Big Mountain Research Facility

The Sink" - Before I left, The Think Tank decided it was a good idea I had a place to rest and recuperate, being a human being after all.  Although, they used the term, "Lobotomite."  They gave me Dr. Mobius’ old quarters.  An area of The Dome called, "The Sink."  The Sink was a way for Mobius to study the relationship between humans and their workspaces, literally.  The Central Intelligence Unit of The Sink, has a limited artifical intelligence (virtual intelligence?) and direct control over the rest of the facility’s equipment.  Everything in The Sink is run off its own independent operating personality, like the CIU.  However, for the time being, this equipment (including the lights, the auto-doc, jukebox, and an odd tiny securitron) is inoperable.  Apparently the basic operating systems are tied into the personality cores.  The CIU suggested I might find back-ups out in the facility.  This whole thing is an interesting concept, though the CIU seemed less than enthused at my optimism toward the other units…

X-17 Medical Facility - The brains told me to stay on task.  Ignore any part of the facility that might interest me.  Well…too bad.  The X-17 Facility was for medical research.  Auto-Doc upgrades, and something called a Trauma Harness, some kind of battle suit that can take over for injured soldiers and return to base.  They seem to have had trouble with that one.  There were some facisnating upgraded medical Mr. Handy robots…too bad they were aggressive.  I also found the personality holo for the Sink’s auto-doc, and a cosmetic surgery upgrade.  Part of the facility is blocked off by one of the Big Mountain barriers, supposedly I’ll find an upgrade for the Sonic Emitter to deal with those at the X-8 Facility…I’ll have to come back.  I also found a set of Brotherhood Recon Armor.  The identification tag lists the owner as one C. Royce.  That’s quite the coincidence…

X-8 Research Center - Some kind of robot testing/training area.  Complete with robot-dogs.  Also, a group of Big Mountain’s other human inhabitants, the Lobotomites had started squating…it gave me some time with the K-9 gun at least.  With JHP rounds.  Heheheh…anyways, in order to secure the upgrade, I had to run a test ground of an “accurate old-world high school.”  I learned a few things about Prof. Borous…as some one who has some issues with his past, I feel qualified to say that he is a certifiable nutcase.  However, he knows a thing or two about animals and cybernetics…I feel a little bad killing his pet.  Only a little though…giant cyberdogs probably don’t make great pets…at least I got the Sonic Emitter barrier upgrade, and a new sound profile for it as well.  Gabe’s bark.  Hmmm…

I’ve spotted a few Nightstalkers wandering around in the distance…seems strange to see them out in the daytime, or even out in the open.  I wonder if this is a slightly different…um…breed?

Big Empty

01/22/2282 - Big Mountain Research Center [the Big Empty]

I know where I am now.  Father Elijah mentioned this place.  Big Empty.  Old World secrets.  Insanity.

I’m still trying to wrap my head (or what’s left it) around all of this.  

The surgery that was performed on me?  Brains.  Brains stole my brain!

Cybernetic Intelligence, I guess would be the word.  Human brains, suspended in Bio-Gel, attached to robotic chasis.  If these are the original Big Mountain researchers, then centuries of being locked up here has done a number on them, I think.  Otherwise, these are some poor attempts at some kind of experiment.  I sat and listened while they fought amongst themselves, slowly explaining the situation.  

My brain was somehow extracted and replaced with some kind of electronic device that responds to my actual brain, wherever it is.  They then, promptly misplaced it!  Also, my spine and heart have been replaced with synthetic versions…the funny thing is, I feel stronger…healthier…

I guess I’m stuck here, with these brains, until I can get mine back.  Another one of these cyber-intelligences, Dr. Mobius, is the enemy of the so-called, “Think Tank,” (made up of, Drs. Klein, Borous, Dala, 8 and O.)  They’ve sent me out into the facility to fetch them bits and pieces of tech they seem to have lost, like my fucking brain.  

As I read back over this, I am sure the person who finds my body dead in the wastes will think this is a joke.  Some epic piece of fiction, the product of a bored wasteland wanderer.  Luckily, before I left the Mojave, I went to see Sarah at Vault 21.  I had previously thought all of our flirting was harmless…I’m not one to kiss and tell, but…it wasn’t.  Regardless, she also asked me to check in on her brother.  This poor fuck, suffers from something I assume is agoraphobia.  He needs inspiration to keep House off his back.  He makes the Neon signs for the strip.  Quite the workshop.  He gave me a camera.  Wants pictures of famous Mojave landmarks…Dinky, stuff like that.  Stuck here, there’s no way to get those photos, so…I only have a limited supply of film.  But I’ll document what I can…

I doubt I’ll have time to make individual entries for a while…from here on out, I’ll be consolidating.

PS - I’m not going out empty handed.  I have some kind of sonic-emitter gun, that the brains tell me is likely to come in handy.  And a…well…a gun.  A gun that is also a dog.  Looking it over, the gun has a built in sensor system…a dog brain.  I wish I were kidding.  .357.  Full auto.  Big and heavy.  I have no idea what to expect from here on out…

Forbidden Planet?

01/22/2282 - [location, unknown]

I have no idea where I am, or how I got to wherever it is.

I just wanted to see a movie, damnit.  And then the crashed sattellite or whatever it was…I need to learn that curiosity kills the cat.  Always.

There was a flash of light, and I woke up in a tower, overlooking an unfamiliar landscape. 

I have been operated on.  As far as I can tell, the surgery was very extensive.  Heart.  Brain.  Spinal.  I feel…heavy, but not sedated.  I don’t feel any pain, or any residual effects of anesthesia at all.  How is that possible?

Inside now.  Some kind of science facility?  

All my gear is missing, but a large trunk and several lockers.  This place looks like a hi-tech private residence.  Bed, auto-doc, and several machines whose purpose I can only guess at.  Also, an old jukebox?  

Total silence.  Lights and buildings stretching out for miles in every direction outside.  But, not a sound.  The whole place seems so…empty.

Playing House.

01/17/2281 - The Lucky 38

I’m not working for House anymore.  Bidding my time here.  This is too much.  I won’t masacre all these people.  

I need some down time.  Time to think.  I got a message on my PipBoy about a “Midnight Movie” science fiction double feature at an old drive-in.  I saw a real drive-in once back home.  This is probably a trap…but…a science fiction movie?  TWO science fiction movies?!  How can I possibly say no?

Asker linuxthegeek: YES! I'm so happy to see that you're back. And I can't wait to see how your adventure through the Mojave ends. Keep up the good work!

Thanks!  I’m glad to be back, honestly.  I think I needed the break.  But now, I have some direction.  And, I can’t wait for you guys to read what I’ve got in store for you!

Also, it might help to check the actual DoaC blog itself, instead of just off your Dashboards.  I try to keep a queue, but some times things will go up more than once a day.  Updates usually happen sometime in the late morning or early afternoon, but check back at the end of the day, cause I play kind of a lot these days!

Hope you all enjoy the continuing adventures of Albert Cole, Courier!

About Vaults

01/15/2281 - The Lucky 38

If there is one thing I have learned out here, its this.  The Vaults were never meant to save anyone.  Each and every Vault I’ve been to has been like a torture chamber.  Why go through all the trouble of saving everyone after the world ended just to find interesting ways to kill them?

People spend so much time looking to past.  But time and time again, when I look back all I see is death.  Not that much different than now, really…

Fuck…I need a drink.